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Pasión high heel specialty store. Pasión spanish for passion offers heels that are unique and some basic. Some fun and also some conservative. The seasons change and so do the heels.

The logo is red and black. Red because it is the color of passion, sex appeal, power and energy. It catches attention. Red also is the color of action and confidence. It can be an innocent color but also not so innocent. In China, it is the color of happiness. Black was chosen because it is the color of mystery, elegance, and formality. It is also powerful and authoritative. It is also said to be color of self control.

Women who buy these heels range from 24-40 years of age. Pasión heels are for those women who are stylish, outgoing, confident and have a little mystery to them. Like both black and red they should be powerful. These women like to look good from head to toe and not afraid of attention. Also, women must have some kind of  passion for heels. Most of these women are single but may be in a relationship or married. They are part of the middle to high class making an annual income of $35,000-$200,000.

Pasión heels can range from $30-$450. The store is located in Pasadena where the majority of people range from 25-39 years of age and more than half are women. Their annual household income in Pasadena range from $35,000- over $200,000, according to the national relocation profile of Pasadena.